Thursday, March 4, 2010

Well I survived the wedding! It was absolutely gorgeous and my sister was STUNNING! We had such a great time, but boy oh boy i am just now feeling recovered. Although, I am STILL behind at work and my house is probably in the worst shape its ever been in (I am going to start cleaning tonight!) Here are a few pics- sorry they aren't the best quality - its my cheapy camera and my battery was almost dead...

My mom and I!

In other news - its be most gorgeous day in North Texas and I have been stuck behind a computer all day. bleh. I noticed this week that my entire neighborhood has decided its time to start mowing our lawns - I didn't get the memo. Why are we starting so soon, can we not push this back a few more weeks??!?! Now I look like the trashy one of the neighborhood with a few bunches of weeds and some dead flower beds. Im sure I will hear from the home owners association over it too! ha
I turn 28 in less than 2 weeks - omg - 28! I don't ven really care to celebrate - its rather depressing to me. I thought about just having some close friends over for a crawfish boil in the backyard (plus that would motivate me to do yardwork) BUT I have these nasty little honey bees in my back yard - they have built what im sure is a HUGE comb in the back wall of the house, I can not get rid of them! I have tried so many different sprays its unreal! If anyone has a suggestion on how to kill these dang bees PLEASE tell me. Its illegal to kill them actually but im to the point of I DONT CARE! Please any ideas/info you can share would be greatly appreciated.

So I am shooting my first wedding on Saturday! I am SO SO nervous! I went and bought a new flash last night and have been playing with it some - so that has made me feel a little better! Y'all wish me luck and say a little prayer for me on Saturday afternoon!


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