Friday, March 12, 2010


Thank you Jesus that its Friday! It has been a crazy week. I shot my first wedding Saturday - it went well! I'm relived its over though - I was stressing over it ha. It was a good learning experience - things went great, but there are things I know to change next time.

Spring cleaning has begun at my house! I couldn't handle the grossness anymore! ha This week I have shampooed carpets, thrown bags and bags of trash (old clothes, shoes, half empty bottles of product, etc) away, washed curtains, and did a MAJOR dusting! It feels so good to have a clean place - I always say "A Clean House, Makes a Happy Home!" haha It really does stress me out when things are dirty, call me a bit OCD that's fine.

I dropped Gizzy Gizmo off at the groomers this morning - its a new groomer whom someone recommended. Poor thing he was so scared! I cant wait to see him - he was looking outta control. My mawmaw is coming to the office today to take me out for my birthday lunch! whahoo! I could care less about having a bday lunch (who wants to celebrate 28?!?) but im always so excited to see my mawmaw - she is seriously one of my most favorite people ever. Then tonight Alexx gets Zoey - haven't seen her since Christmas :)

Have a good weekend!


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