Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh Monday

Happy Monday - ha! Sorry Mondays are never very happy - at least not for me - and especially this Monday. Seems like certain people in my office need alot of help doing their job today, plus the last two weeks of the month I am swamped. I am literally typing this blog in between phone calls, spreadsheets and contracts - during my few minutes here and there. Lets see how long it will take me! I did have a nice weekend though - I started a garage sale pile this weekend - as I was cleaning my house I realized how badly I need to get rid of stuff, so im starting my pile now so I can throw stuff in there as I come across it, im not having my sale until Fall - its to stinkin hot. I have started getting a itch to repaint some rooms in my house, I know my first few projects will be the laundry/pantry room, the guest upstairs bathroom, and the what I like to call the "Blue Room" - the blue room is a extra bedroom and its such a eye sore. I try to keep that door closed at all times. I call it the blue room because my ex husband decided that was gonna be his man cave when we moved in and painted it "Dallas Cowboy Blue" - I wanted to die when I saw it - its awful and the thought of all the work involved in painting over that blue  - well lets just say I should of divorced him the moment he picked that color out. The only reason im writing about my painting projects is so now I will be forced to do it - now that ive told my whole umm 5 readers...

Other than cleaning, most of my weekend was spent resting (I had some horrible cold/flu thing last week). My mom, sister and I threw a baby shower for my cousin, David and his wife Johnna on Saturday. Honestly, my mom did most of the work - Chelsea and I just did the games. It turned out great and was fun, here are a few pics..
Yes, my mom made those cupcakes - and below she put a cute rubber duckie in the punch - seriously, how cute and creative can she be?!?
As you can see we played some really hilarious games - I was kindof scared that some people may get offended, but everyone seemed to find it hysterical.... well at least I did...
There are the soon to be first time parents - big congrats!

Other than that my weekend was pretty old lady like - but thats ok because im over 25 now - which in my mind is old. I have had a little break on photoshoots the last 2 weeks, but hold on to your britches cause July is gonna be full force insane!

I just have to leave you with this precious little picture of my baby (shutup) - how could you not just love this face?!?!? 


PS - it took me 2hrs and 56 minutes to write this - yep Mondays suck.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Garage Sales and Stupid People.

Well we all knew my positivity wouldn't last long, really I'm not negative - I'm realistic - I'm truthful. People should thank me for being "negative"! I am actually really exhausted - I'm tired of dealing with my insurance company on this whole car steering wheel issue (see blog below), I'm tired of working this week, I'm tired of doing laundry every.single.night. I am also sick and tired of waking up on Saturday mornings so excited about going garage saleing only to come home irritated. Let me explain, I LOVE garage saleing...I live for a bargain, so when I go garage saleing I feel like I MUST find something before I call it quits for the day. If I don't find at least one thing to buy on my outing then I don't feel complete and I feel like I must continue onward because somewhere in the DFW metroplex MUST be something I cant live without! I keep going and before I know it it's 2:00pm and people are starting to close up shop - plus only crap is left by then. Finally, you see something that might possibly catch your eye - you stop and literally run to it (you know because there is a mob of people running right behind you wanting the exact same thing). Once you get to the item you realize its not as great as it looked as you did the slow car drive by, so you stare at it and think about it and wonder where you can use it - or who of your friends needs this. You decide to buy it, because if for nothing else at least it will fill that void in your soul and you will be able to go home. You ask "how much"  - you stare the owner down and try not to act interested and then they come back with some RIDICULOUS price - you take another look at the item - it's the courtesy look cause you know dang well there is no way in hell you are paying that much at a garage sale! And then you quickly get in your car and get out there and then you start bitchin saying "are they on crack? - its a garage sale, not Antique Road Show!" Seriously people if you are having a garage sale - then price to SALE! If it is really something worth mega bucks then sale it on Ebay or Craigslist - not your stupid yard sale! And while I'm at it - let me give you a little "signage 101" - use brightly colored signs! Don't list every single thing you have for sale on the sign - just put GARAGE SALE then a big fat arrow - and then you can put the address. Follow through with your signs - don't get me to the neighborhood and then leave me hanging! Oh and one more thing - its so gross when you get to the sale and it stinks - as in smells gross! Its even worse when its outside and it stinks cause then you have the fear no matter what you buy and how many times you wash it - its gonna smell. So spray a little spray, price fairly and have great signs and I will see you in the morning! :)


ps - while I was typing this - I got a call from an Agent who said, " the customer will fax the contract to my cell phone, once it prints, I will fax on to you". There was a brief moment of silence, I then said "sounds great!"

5:00 can not come fast enough...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

nervous breakdown.

  So I had a nervous breakdown Friday late afternoon and totally forgot my camera at the office - so that means zero pictures were taken this weekend! I am sorry! Why did I have a breakdown you ask? Well, let me tell you - Alexx called Friday and said the car broke down on 35 - he was on his way to pick up Chase and Zoey - I leave work to go pick him up. He called a tow truck to come pick up the car and haul it back to the house - we didn't want to leave the car there as it was in "da hood" on 35. We waited and waited for the tow truck, but finally had to leave because I had to get back to the office and I HAD TO PICK UP MY NEW CAR! So the tow guy calls and says hes about 20 minutes away, so he assures us we don't need to be there and he take the car straight to the house. We leave and run our errands and then head to Dallas again to pick up the kids, as we are getting close to the break down spot we see the car - we were wondering why it was still there and then we get a call from the insurance company - "the tow man called and said he can not take the car because you have no steering wheel" WTF? Honestly Alexx and I started laughing and told them he must be at the wrong car because we have a steering wheel and we could see the car and there was no tow there. We pull up behind the car and holy moly the steering wheel has been ripped off and is sitting in the front seat! Needless to say a few choice words were yelled into south Dallas air around 4:30pm that afternoon. We then sat behind the car for almost 2 hours waiting for another tow truck to come! We were late picking up the kids. We were late for my dads birthday party. At first we thought someone had tried to steal the car, but things weren't making any sense with that. We have had the car looked at and the way the metal shaft is twisted and ripped it looks like the first tow truck driver may have done it. We think he was trying to straighten up the wheels and was pulling to hard on the steering wheel. UGH! We are now working with the insurance company on getting this fixed.  So at that point my nerves were shot. As we were leaving the crap car to get the kids (after the second tow truck was there) a Yukon started spinning out of control on the highway - and hit 2 cars and pushed them into the suicide wall - the fact that they came inches of me and my new car really sent me over the edge so when I see the guy haul butt after he hits those two cars I was furious! Alexx and I then hauled butt chasing him down. We followed him to the exit where he stopped at a red light - perfect amount of time for me to call the cops, report a hit and run, give the license plate number, a detailed description of what he looks like, and yes even tell them he is turning right on "Marsalis" haha.

  Thankfully the rest of the weekend was good - my dad had a nice little family party Friday night and it was so nice to "unwind" with my family - just laughing and enjoying each others company. Saturday we went to the gym for awhile and spent the entire day with the kids. Sunday was my cousin, Lesley, birthday party - he was turning 30! I will have to do a entire post on him some other time - he is seriously one of my very best friends and life would be so dull without him! Then Monday I was to have a photo shoot, but they cancelled - so I was able to sleep in and clean and hang with the kids some before they went home ;)

  OH! And yes - I got a new car!!!! Well, its a used car - but brand new for me! I love love love it! Its a Chevy Equinox! I will get some pics posted soon!