Thursday, February 10, 2011

What a week!

So much has happened over the last week and a half...Last Tuesday we woke up to a crazy ice storm! Welcome to Texas where the weather has multiple personalities! ha Tuesday afternoon it seemed to be clearing up some and I had to make a quick run to Target - We put Gizmo in his crate and were gone less than two hours. When we got back, I went to let Giz out and he had somehow seriously cut right under his right eye. I freaked out. His face was covered in blood and I knew he would need stitches.

Unfortunately every animal hospital was closed because of the weather and it was sleeting again. I did get ahold of an emergency vet who told us to ice it to stop the bleeding. Thankfully, Giz didn't act like he was in much pain so we were able to hold off until the next morning. Wednesday Texas was still awful and pretty much everything was closed but THANK GOD the vet was there - he ended up having to get 6 stitches. It was not a fun day. Thursday the roads were a little better, so I went to work, but Alexx job was still closed. Friday we wake up to about 6 inches of SNOW!

So needless to say we were stuck at home. By Friday afternoon Gizzys stitches had somehow came out. Saturday morning we go back to the vet to be told that his wound had an infection and that's why the stitches slid out. UGH! So from Saturday until this morning we had to doctor his eye several times a day, and he had to wear the cone pretty much 24/7. His cut look way better now, but I had to take him back to the vet this morning so they could restitch everything. I just called as I was typing this to check the status and they are working on him right now. I pray it is not as traumatic as last time! This has been such a long, unpleasant process.

In other news Sunday was PawPaws annual Super Bowl Party! I look forward to this every single year! Pawpaw always goes all out with the food and different game pools - its always such a fun time!Everyone was able to be there except for Derek ;( We had a great time and Les and I tied for FIRST place on the score prediction! We both predicted 24-31 Green Bay and the score ended up being 25- 31 GB =0)