Friday, September 17, 2010

Tour of Homes: My Living Room

Today I am linking up with Kelly's Korner for "Show us your life: Living Rooms" - I LOVE looking at other peoples homes and really enjoy getting different decorating ideas. So please head on over to Kelly's blog to see tons of other homes!

Please bare with me - I did not realize until today (when I was already at work) that today was the living room segment. I wanted to go ahead and post since I know next week will be crazy busy for me - so I had to use a picture I took several months ago.

My living room pretty much looks the exact same - except the white 3 shelf on the right of the fireplace is gone and has been replaced with a shabby chic green cabinet. I also did a dark stain glaze over the red fireplace - which you will see in the pics below. I love my living room - although it is a work in progress. I am currently hoping to (very soon) rip out the carpet and do a dark stained concrete instead and get a rug as well. I took the picture from my kitchen :)

Last night I put out some of my fall stuff and just happened to take a picture of my mantle. I still want to do a few things, and I have some pumpkins on the coffee table.

I promise to have lots of better, more detailed pictures for future "show us where you live posts" ha!

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  1. I love your pumpkins and the red wall. I'm currently decorating, too. Might put pics up.... it will be a nice change after some of the fall out I might see from my post. LOL!

  2. I love your fall decor! Your red wall is really pretty!

  3. Your fall decor is just lovely!! Oh, and I love the stone fireplace. =) Have a great weekend! ~Liz