Thursday, September 9, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend - I know I did! It was really one of the best weekends I've had all summer  - it was just so relaxing and fun. Friday night we picked up the kids, went to the grocery store to get snacks for the next day and then ended the night with popcorn and a movie at the house. Saturday morning we I got up before 7:00am and got ready for a day of fun - I made sandwiches, packed the cooler and packed the kids clothes and anything else we may need for the day - by 8:15 we were in the car headed to Burgers Lake! Alexx and the kids had never been there so I was so excited for them to experience it...and I was secretly praying that they would love as much as I do. For those of you who don't know Burgers Lake was like a family staple growing up - my mom use to go there as a child, and I remember spending so many hot summer days there growing up. I remember that's where I learned to "float on my back" and it was the first time I ever rode on a pool slide or jumped off a diving board. I remember eating chocolate chip cookies at our picnic spot with my Aunt Danielle, having hours and hours of fun with my cousin Lesley, and tons of special memories of my mom and grandma (mawmaw). I have also taken endless amounts of friends there growing up and we always had a great time. It had been a few years since I had been and I knew I wanted to take Alexx and the kids there before they closed for the year - since Labor Day was the last day then we had to make it this weekend! I was a little nervous at first, because driving there the outside temp was reading 66 degrees! ha For the first time all year I was hoping it would warm up a little! It ended up being the most perfect day - it wasn't too hot and it wasn't too cold - my sister and brother in law, my mom, Lesley, and a few other friends met us out there and we all had a blast! We stayed there for over 9 hours and were exhausted when we got home - the kids fell asleep in the car before we left parking lot! ha I know we will be spending LOTS of time there next summer ;) Here are a few pics - I only took two before I put my phone in the car and didn't think about it again until we left.     

What I really love is the fact that it pretty much looks the EXACT same as it did growing up! In case you were wondering Burgers Lake is a sandy bottom "lake" (its more like the size of a pond) Its fed by natural springs so the water is always a little cold. They have tons of heavily treed picnic areas, volleyball courts, etc... You should for sure check it out next summer ;)

I just realized this post is already long - SO watch for my Labor Day part TWO tomorrow :)


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  1. It looks so serene. Glad you enjoyed your weekend. :)