Friday, September 10, 2010

Labor Day Weekend (Part 2)

Sunday morning Zoey, Gizmo and I went to the park - it was so nice and peaceful - there were a few people out and about but it was still pretty quiet...the only bad thing is it was getting HOT quick! Gizzy even went down the slide a few times - I let Zoey walk him for awhile and as I was dozing resting my eyes for just a quick second Zoey took him down the slide - I noticed it as they were going down - I was about to stop it, but then Giz actually looked like he enjoyed it and then proceeded to go down 2 more times without Zoe - I tired to get a picture of it but he was way too fast. I'm sure people thought I was a lunatic trying to get pics of my dog child going down the slide...

That evening we went to my Aunt and Uncles house for my Grandmas (MawMaw) birthday! Sadly, not all of the family was able to make it, but we had a great time anyways. We had some good food, great laughs and of course, lots of card games ;)

Check out my mawmaw - seriously, isn't she just gorgeous? I hope I age like her - she's 75 people!

Here she is with her 3 kids- Danielle, Valerie (my mom) and Jody.

I don't think I could convey to people how much my mawmaw means to me...we have always had this unexplainable bond that I have never had with anyone else. I know this sounds weird but she is literally the person in my life that no matter how defeated or awful I feel just being in the same room as her makes me gives me peace and comfort - like eating a big ole plate of comfort food - mawmaw is my comfort food! ha When I was little we lived right next door to her and my pawpaw and I would spend every single day with her. We would spend the day making mud pies, swimming and watching re-runs of woody woodpecker - or the "Joy of Painting" with Bob Ross - "happy little trees" bahahah. Once in school, we moved to Pennsylvania (my dads job transfer) and let me tell you every single night I would cry for mawmaw. My pawpaw wrote a poem one time and it in he made a joke about how when I moved "mawmaw almost died" - well the feeling was mutual! ha If you have been blessed with knowing this amazing woman consider yourself lucky - she is one of a kind.

I love this last picture its of my two favorite people in the world - they are just precious!

Happy Birthday MawMaw


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  1. Sweet. She definitely does not look 75! I pray she has decades more good years. :)