Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ooo La La Vacation

2 weeks ago Alexx and I went down to Possum Kingdom to my parents time share at The Cliffs. I absolutely LOVE this place - we have had it for a few years now and every time I go I love it more and more. We met my parents and Chelsea and Mike down there for the weekend. We had a great time of doing absolutely nothing! During the day Chelsea, mom and I would lay out by the pool, take afternoon naps, or read books. At night we would all get together for dinner and then late night card games. It was perfect. Every night Chelsea and I would stay up way to late talking and laughing. It was so nice to go and completely relax - I can never just sit and relax at my house because there is always a project that needs to get is sometimes never ending and even if I try to sit and enjoy a little TV or reading -  the cleaning, the laundry or the latest project is in the back of my mind nagging me. Alexx and I came back on Sunday, and then Wednesday morning I went back down there by myself (my parents were staying the whole week) My grandparents came down Wednesday and we went to the cute little town square of Graham and had lunch and did some shopping. The rest of the week my parents and I had some great quality time together :) I know I promised to take lots of pictures, but I was so busy doing absolutely nothing that I failed miserably at this task. I did get a picture of the lake though - this was taken from our resort.

There is something about Texas, summer and the lake that just goes together perfectly!


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