Friday, August 6, 2010

Is it Fall Yet?

You can all rest assured that my brother did not kill me (see post below), but sadly my whole reason for being a horrible blogger is that I have been so busy - and if I'm not busy then I'm melting cause its been freaking HOT here! Yesterday I got in my car and this is what it said:
The heat is awful - I've never been a huge summer fan but this year I really have not enjoyed much of it. I do not like to be hot - unless I'm at the beach - then bring on the sun! But I'm not at the beach, the closest beach is 4 hours away...its Galveston..and umm its not very pretty.

Sunday we celebrated my pawpaws 78th birthday!!!! I absolutely love this man with all my heart. He is one of my hero's and I really have no idea what I{or the rest of my family for that matter}would do without him. He has been such a solid rock in my life, I use to live next door to my grandparents when I was little and every day I would spend most all day at their house, then every evening my pawpaw would put me on his shoulders and take me back home :) He taught me how to fish and ride a 4 wheeler, he has taught me about hard work and perseverance. He has always loved me unconditionally and has never made me feel like less than a princess. He has stories that would fascinate you, and advice on life that will change your way of thinking. I could never convey how much I love my pawpaw, but trust me he is one of the most amazing men you will ever meet.
One of his gifts was some lottery cards - and he won $50.00! Its always a proud moment in the family when you win money from gambling haha

That's all I have for today - I'm leaving tonight for Possum Kingdom Lake with the family - cant wait...umm I still need to pack....


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