Friday, June 11, 2010

Garage Sales and Stupid People.

Well we all knew my positivity wouldn't last long, really I'm not negative - I'm realistic - I'm truthful. People should thank me for being "negative"! I am actually really exhausted - I'm tired of dealing with my insurance company on this whole car steering wheel issue (see blog below), I'm tired of working this week, I'm tired of doing laundry every.single.night. I am also sick and tired of waking up on Saturday mornings so excited about going garage saleing only to come home irritated. Let me explain, I LOVE garage saleing...I live for a bargain, so when I go garage saleing I feel like I MUST find something before I call it quits for the day. If I don't find at least one thing to buy on my outing then I don't feel complete and I feel like I must continue onward because somewhere in the DFW metroplex MUST be something I cant live without! I keep going and before I know it it's 2:00pm and people are starting to close up shop - plus only crap is left by then. Finally, you see something that might possibly catch your eye - you stop and literally run to it (you know because there is a mob of people running right behind you wanting the exact same thing). Once you get to the item you realize its not as great as it looked as you did the slow car drive by, so you stare at it and think about it and wonder where you can use it - or who of your friends needs this. You decide to buy it, because if for nothing else at least it will fill that void in your soul and you will be able to go home. You ask "how much"  - you stare the owner down and try not to act interested and then they come back with some RIDICULOUS price - you take another look at the item - it's the courtesy look cause you know dang well there is no way in hell you are paying that much at a garage sale! And then you quickly get in your car and get out there and then you start bitchin saying "are they on crack? - its a garage sale, not Antique Road Show!" Seriously people if you are having a garage sale - then price to SALE! If it is really something worth mega bucks then sale it on Ebay or Craigslist - not your stupid yard sale! And while I'm at it - let me give you a little "signage 101" - use brightly colored signs! Don't list every single thing you have for sale on the sign - just put GARAGE SALE then a big fat arrow - and then you can put the address. Follow through with your signs - don't get me to the neighborhood and then leave me hanging! Oh and one more thing - its so gross when you get to the sale and it stinks - as in smells gross! Its even worse when its outside and it stinks cause then you have the fear no matter what you buy and how many times you wash it - its gonna smell. So spray a little spray, price fairly and have great signs and I will see you in the morning! :)


ps - while I was typing this - I got a call from an Agent who said, " the customer will fax the contract to my cell phone, once it prints, I will fax on to you". There was a brief moment of silence, I then said "sounds great!"

5:00 can not come fast enough...

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  1. Feel better now? LOL Seriously, I have some things in my garage you can buy. Also, I would sell some of Dad's metal detector finds at a true bargain! LET'S MAKE A DEAL!