Thursday, November 18, 2010

Bon Voyage! (well actually im back now)

Wow I  didn't realize how long Ive been gone - sorry :( The holiday rush is upon me and let me tell ya its pure madness! If you would like to see whats been keeping me so busy go take a looksy here

So I went on my cruise. Oh it was glorious! It was not near long enough, but it was so much fun and so relaxing. I got so much sleep - one afternoon there was a storm brewing in the distance so you could hear the distant thunder and lightening - my mom and I went to the back of the ship got a lounger and I went straight to sleep - best two hour nap I have had in YEARS (no exaggeration) ha! It was so special to get to go with my family on this trip - especially my parents and grand parents. It was just super special and a memory I will cherish forever. Unfortunately, not all of the family could make it - but that's ok - there is always next year. :)
I've posted a collection of photos taken from me, Lesley and Chelsea :)

Here's a group picture:

It ended up being me, my parents, my sister Chelsea, my brother in law Mike, my grandparents, my cousin Lesley and my Aunt and Uncle (Danielle and David).

We had two stops - Progresso and Cozumel - in Progresso me, Les, Chels, Mike, Danielle and David did a little shopping and then went to the beach - it was actually nicer than I remember several years ago. The water and sand was so pretty - I could seriously live on the beach.

In Cozumel, me, my mom, Chels, Mike and Les went to a beach party at a local resort. We got there plenty early so we got chairs/umbrellas right up against the beautiful water. There was no swimming right in front of us so I had this amazing view the entire day.

We did lots of swimming and pina colada drinking :) It was perfection.

During the day we did alot of laying out, sleeping, eating, swimming and card playing :)

Then we would all meet for dinner :)

And dinner always included loud laughter, dancing and impromptu photo shoots ;)

In the evening we would go to shows, karaoke and late night comedy hours. But my favorite was being out on the ship late at night - it would be empty and you could see the stars perfectly. Staring out into the blackness it was always a reminder how small my problems are and how big God is :)

As you can see we had a great time - I can not wait to go again! :)


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