Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let Freedom Ring!

I am exhausted and waking up this morning was plain awful, but the weekend was great! Chase and Zoey were with us this year - Saturday we went to the parade in Waxahachie - I really wasn't expecting much out of that parade, but it was so fun and it just made me so thankful for my cute little town. The best part of the entire parade was towards the end - they had trailers come through - the first one was "Veterans of Vietnam" and it was full of past soldiers who had fought for our country - I was so great seeing everyone stand up and cheer and clap for these men - the trailers continued with "Veterans of the Korean War" (where my pawpaw proudly served) and went through many more wars, as the trailers progressed my heart swelled more and more with pride and the lump in my throat grew bigger. By the time it got to the last trailer tears were streaming down my face - it was "Veterans of World War II" these men were at least in their 80's and were precious. I then saw something that will forever stay in my mind, there on the float was the cutest old man dressed in his green military clothes adorned with tons of medals and ribbons, he was sitting in a wheel chair and was at least 85 years old - there he was smiling and as we cheered and clapped he waved and mouthed "Thank you" to us. HE SAID THANK YOU TO US! That was a moment that stood still for me - I'm sure I looked like a complete crazy woman crying - but I don't even care. I really wish I would of gotton a picture of him - of that float, but my mind had quit working at that point and I had totally forgot to take a picture. I did get the Vietnam Veterans though ;) 
The parade was great - the weather was nice - thankfully the rain held off for a few hours that morning. Saturday evening we went to Midlothian for a kid thing they were having at the stadium - it would of been perfect had it not poured rain a hour before and the place was a big giant muddy mess! I can not deal with mud - at least not when you have to get in my car afterwards! The kids had to change clothes and Sunday was spent spraying down muddy shoes in the driveway. Saturday night we had a family tailgate party and watched the Midlothian fireworks - it was so nice (other than the mud).

Sunday evening we went to my Aunt Danielle & Uncle Davids house for some more family time - complete with a cookout and a fireworks show put on by my uncle. It was so nice and relaxing - they live out in the country with lots of land and you could see fireworks from miles away going off all around us. I didn't get many pictures from Sunday, but I will leave you with one...

I hope everyone had a fun and happy 4th of July - I know I did ;)


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