Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Summer and Birthdays

Alexx and I had the kids this weekend, and it was Chases 10th birthday! We let him choose dinner for Friday night and then Saturday him and Alexx spent some time alone while Zoey and I baked him a cake and decorated the house for his little birthday party! Unfortunately, the kids live with their mother so it was hard to have a actual party for him when he doesnt know many kids his age around here, but thankfully we were able to have two of his friends come (Nicolas and Mercedes). We cooked out! Yes, it was so nice to be able to cook out without fear of the bees! Then Chase played some basketball with the big guys and then the kids ended with a huge water fight. Me, Chelsea and Christina stayed sitting on the driveway and threatened any kid that came within 10 feet of us with a water gun! ha
I love the pictures below - it just reminds me of summer and how carefree kids are during the summer ;)
Ha! Could Zoeys smile get any bigger?!?
You know I had to include Gizzy Gizmo!
Happy Birthday Chase!


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