Friday, May 7, 2010

it's the small things..

Last night me and Lesley (my cousin) went to Mawmaws house for her famous enchiladas. I'm telling you people these things are delicious and are a staple in my family. She has been making these things for decades and they always taste better and better.

It is such a comfort food for me - its funny how there are certain things that just bring a instant comfort. Takes me back to my child hood. I was thinking alot about that this morning - about some of the things that are my grandmas "comforts" - I thought it would be fun to list some of them and also hear what some of yours are!

MawMaw (my moms mother)
* Her famous enchiladas
* When the sun is setting - sounds weird but, I have so many memories of things we did at this time of day (swim, prepare dinner, sit on the porch and talk, etc..)
* The lake - spending time at the lake house and fishing has always been a part of my life thanks to them ;)
* Watching I Love Lucy - we use to watch this together every night that I was there - while eating Blue Bell Ice Cream
* Blue Bell Ice Cream - do not even think about bringing another brand into her house - Blue Bell is the ONLY way to go - and i have to agree haha

Nana (my dads mother)
* She makes to die for deviled eggs and peanut butter balls - they will make any bad day instantly better
* The Weather Channel on cable - ok let me explain - growing up this was ALWAYS on at Nana and PawPaws house (that or a football game) - I always remember waking up to hearing the Weather Channel on the news and the smell on homemade pancakes cooking.
* Clean Sheets - Nanas guest room sheets always felt so crisp and clean - i loved it!
* The smell of the air from a window unit - I think this comes from when I was little they had this window unit in the living room and I loved standing in front of it until I was so cold I could hardly stand it - that and me my cousin, Amy, would stand it from of it with our tongues out and would get our tongues as dry as possible (we were weird children)
* Zest bar soap. It must be zest and it must be the bar not the liquid body wash. end of story.

I could go on and on with these lists - more on my grandmas and at least one for just about every close friend or family member. I love these little reminders. My great grandma (we called her GG) passed away when I was 16, as I get older I realize just how strong and independent she was - I draw strength from that and hope that I have a little bit of her strength passed down to me. She loved Red Birds, they are not a common bird that you see all the time, but when I do I instantly smile and my mind is flooded with memories of her. It really is the small things that bring some of the greatest peace and happiness.

What is your comfort?



  1. Don't make like you and Amy were just weird guys are weird adults too!

    I love this post and what always takes me back is the smell of Honey Suckle. I'm not sure if this is just an East Tex thing but they are these little white and yellow flowers that grow wild on a vine. There were all along the back of my grandma Hene's fence. In the summer the smell is so strong it hits you as soon as you walk outside. It always makes me think of playing in her backyard with my brother, sisters, and her. I smelled some the other day when Amy and I took Daniel for a walk. It really made me think of Hene and wish that she could have met Daniel. She definitely would have been confused about where he came from but would have been crazy about him. hahaa
    Great post Steph! Love you!

    I dunno why this is posting as Mia! haha I guess I made an account in her name at some point. Why not? Dogs like to read blogs!

  2. Oh Em! Thanks for the comment! Yes ok Amy and I are just plain weird..but you obviously love us - well at least one of us hahahaha I know what you mean about the honey suckle - my grandma had a small honey suckle vine and I remember the smell so strong on hot summer days! I also remember Lesley and I eating them... geez i have issues.

    love you!

  3. I was not close to a grandmother until I was older but anytime I see a redbird I think of my Grandma. When the Beverly Hillbilly's or gomer Pyle is on t.v. I remember her. Sheer head scarves or purses that clasp on top always create a picture of her in my head. I will always treasure the straight forward wisdom and insight into God that she shared with me.

    I'm so very thankful you have so many wonderful grandma memories. You are truly blessed.

  4. mawmaw's enchiladas look delicious! next time freeze me some please :)
    i am always amazed by your memory. we always had such good times together. i love you boo!